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It was the hellish question Lora asked herself. What dies first of all - the dream or the person who dreams and does not fight for her dream? In the frosty winter fighting for her dream, ice was broken under her feets. In the ice-cold water she asked herself: was it worth going so far for the dream and risking your life? After the shock, the answer came very quickly; yes, it's worth risking your life for your dream. It is worth fighting for your dream until the end.

Thanks a lot for all Loreley fans the Loreley - Rock Siren Saga shoots to the big cinema screens. Hollywood horror addicted film studio greenlighted the music horror movie adaption of the Loreley Saga and is optioning the rights for upcoming books.

Today Eve Schauberg supports writers and musicians that love the craft and dream big!

You want write a novel?

You want write a hit?

You want understand irony?

You have allready the mindblowing story and you need help and free support on your writing project.

We just share the unique knowledge of Eve Schauberg about story telling - starting by irony into mythology, we are mining new genres and discuss about plot constructs here with Eve using her own craft as example. You can get her free input for your own writing. It helps a lot to learn the writing philosophies, if you can refer a good subtext and universal writing principal from an existing story, book or movie scene that everybody knows. Having just a good reference from a scene: a movie you know or a plot out from a book classical - it will help you to understand how the good writing works and why. The best and unique story plot you will create will be based on a lot of fun, knowledge and hard or long work. A good story is like a beautyfull diamond that needs time to be found and needs other diamonds to be polished.

Here we just start to learn with Eve:

Why did you wrote Loreley - Rock Siren? What is your motivation to work on a story for seven years?

#Yeap, because am passionated musician and writer, Loreley story is a dream world I love to escape in; reading and writing the rock musician story inspire me to fight fo my own dreams!

Can you describe the main plot just in a sentence?

# Lora a very sexy and talented rock musician girl, she fights for her dream on stage and fights against her inner demon that is called Loreley. Loreley is a siren and she helps Lora to sing and get popular but the Loreley needs opfer - human flesh. 

How to write a plot that blows? How did you started and created your Loreley plot?

# To write an excellent plot and finally story is possible for everyone, who loves the craft and is open to learn. For me a good plot was not enough, I was writing and searching four years at all for the Loreley saga plot and characters, after finding it - it was just fun to finish it.

Writing an ironical plot

First step to find the main plot for your own or existing story is to reduce. Your focus the attention to the main character ant his fundamental motivation for the hole story. So as example the Loreley main plot is very ironical and describes, I hope you readed book first chapter for better understanding; the first chapter Rock Siren describes the motivation of original Loreley. You learn why the evil Loreley ghost wants to kill, because Loreley was a beautifull girl that losed her love and singing was her revenge strategy looking to ruin the ships. Next I will show you what is a good story plot with a lot of irony, how it works and how to create it from scratch.

Thank you Eve, to that point, we will continue on that issue in the next post!

if You have any question to that point feel free to contact love@loreleybook.com